Publications (Chinese Publications)

2022Accountability from Cyberspace? Scandals Exposure on the Internet and Official Governance in China with Yiran Li, conditional accepted by Political Science Research and Methods.

2022Government Wrongdoings in the Past and Corporate Misconduct in the Present: Evidence from China with Haoyuan Ding, Shu Lin and Haichun Yeaccepted by Journal of Development Economics 175.

2022Rebel on the Canal: Disrupted Trade Access and Social Conflict in China, 1650–1911 with Yiming Cao, American Economic Review 112(5): 1555-90. [ Full text ]

     AEA Chart of the Week: China’s Grand Canal

2021 Chasing or Cheating? Theory and Evidence on the Reliability of China’s GDP” with Xue Sherry Qiao and Zhitao Zhu, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization  189: 657-71. Full text ]

2021Gone with the Wind? Neighboring Thermal Power Plants’ Emissions and Local Public Health in China” with Yiran Li, Guang Shi and Zhitao Zhu, Accepted by China Economics Review.

2021Warcraft: The Legitimacy Building of Usurpers with Xinyu Fan. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 184: 409-31. Full text ]

2020Running out of Steam? Political Terms and FDI Inflow in China” with Danqing Wang, Zhitao Zhu and Xiaowei, Rose Luo, Journal of International Business Studies 52: 692-717. Full text ]

2020Tractor vs. Animal: Rural Reforms and Technology Adoption in China with Xiaohuan Lan, Journal of Development Economics 147: 1-10. Full text ]

2020Move to Success? Headquarters Relocation, Political Favoritism, and Corporate Performance with Bo Yang and Xun Yan, Journal of Corporate Finance 64: 1-31. Full text ]

2018 The Health Costs of the Industrial Leap Forward in China: Evidence from the Sulfur Dioxide Emissions of Coal‐fired Power Stations with Yiran Li and Qin Yao, China Economic Review 49: 68-83. Full text ]

2017 There Will Be Killing: Collectivization and Death of Draft Animals” with Xiaohuan Lan. American Economic Journal: Applied Ecnomocs 9(4): 58-77. [ Full text ]

     AEA Chart of the Week: Animal Sacrifice | Marginal Revolution: Draft Animals as Common Property

2016Of Maize and Men: The Effect of a New World Crop on Population and Economic Growth in China” with James KUNG, Journal of Economic Growth 21: 71-99. [ Full text ]

2011Tragedy of the Nomenklatura: Career Incentives and Political Radicalism during China's Great Leap Famine”  With James KUNG, American Political Science Review 105 (1):  27-45. [ Full text ] [ Data and programs ]

Under Review

2022States and Wars: China’s Long March towards Unity and its Consequences, 221 BC-1911 AD” with Debin Ma, revision requested by Journal of Economic History.

2022Pandemic and Insurance Purchase: The Behavioral Response to COVID-19 with Zhuoer Lin, Xian Xu and Xuanyi Wang, revision requested by China Economic Review.

2022The Diversity Mandate, Men’s Resistance and Promotion of Female Government Officials” with Shipeng Yan and Danqing Wang, revision requested by Strategic Management Journal.

2022Competence-Loyalty Tradeoff under Dominant Minority Rule: The Case of Centuries of Manchu Rule” with Xinyu Fan, Colin Xu, Xun Yan, revision requested by Journal of Public Economics.

2022Communism and Patricide: Collectivization and Domestic Violence in 1960s’ China” with Danli Wang, revision requested by Economic History Review.

2022Noble No More: Keju, Institutional Commitment, and Political Purges with Xinyu Fan and Zhichen Huang, under review.

2022 Canal and Grain: Transport Infrastructure and Market Integration in China:1780-1911 with Jianan Li and Qin Yao, under review.

2022 Godfather Politicians and Organized Violence: The Good, The Bad, and The Bloody with Xinyu Fan and Xuanyi Wang, under review.

2022In the Shadow of Administrative Decentralization: The Impact of Devolution on Subnational Service Provision with Yiran Li, under review.

2022The Fruit of Egalitarianism: People’s Communes and Population Growth in Rural China”  with Bin Xie, under review.

2022The Emperor's Tael: Fiscal Centralization, Commitment Problem and Tax Protests in Qing China, 1644-1912 with Xinyu Fan and Max Yu Hao, under review.

2022Institutional Discrimation and Assimilation: Evidence from the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882” with Bin Xie, under review.

2022 Influence Activities in Academia: Evidence from Social Media with Changyu Lu and Xinyu Fan.

2022Trade Shocks and Urbanization: Evidence from County-level Data in China” with Fang Wang, Xuanyi Wang and Yiran Li under review.

2022 Trade or Raid? The Tea-Horse Trades and the Sino-Nomadic Conflicts, 1368-1432 with Xinyu Fan and Yantong Fang, under review.

2022Starving and Deceiving: Famine Experience, Politician Risk Preference, and GDP Manipulation in China” with Xinyu Fan and Xuanyi Wang, under review.

2022Generalist Middle Managers and Strategy Implementation” with Shipeng Yan and Danqing Wang, under review.

2022 Promotion Club” with Xinyu Fan and Zhitao Zhu, under review.



2022Masters of Masterpieces: Collector Changes and Social Mobility in Pre-modern Societies with Xinyu Fan and Yanfei Yin.

2022The Persistent Effects of Historical China’s Permanent Forced Military Service System: the Emperor is Dead, Long Live the Emperor with Danli Wang.

2022Kinship, Cooperation, and Organizational Performance with Raymond Fisman, Xiaohuan Lan, Yongxiang Wang and Qing Ye.

2022The Magical Power of Rare Names: Can You Get Better Educational Attainment by Having a Rare Name with Xiaomeng Fan, Jianfeng Xu and Bohan Xue.

2022The Mobile Principal: The Political Economy of War and Capital Location with Xinyu Fan and Yongtao Li.

2022Pilot or Persuasion? The Politics of Reform Dynamics in Authoritarianism with Zhaotian Luo, and Tianyang Xi.

In Progress


2022Diffusion without Learning: Technology Progress in Pre-mordern China with Xue Sherry Qiao and Jiaojiao Yang.

2022Knowledge for Lineage: Keju and Social Mobility in Tang China with Xinyu Fan, Zhichen Huang  and Sijie Hu.

2020Lynching vs. Law: A History of Vigilantes with Xinyu Fan and Bo Yang.

2020 The Great Depression, the Great Revolution with Ting Chen.

2019Gentry Class and Chinese Society: Testing Tocqueville with Bin Xie and Zhuoer Lin.

2018 Make Love, Not War: Interethnic Marriage and Conflict”.